MFour’s New Office Wing Marks Another Milestone in its Surging Growth

Posted by admin on Aug 8, 2017 9:28:18 AM


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Continuing its ongoing growth surge, mobile market research leader MFour has completed its second major office expansion in less than two years. It now has taken over the entire 7th floor of the South tower of the Newport Gateway complex near John Wayne International Airport, increasing its floor space from 14,000 to 22,000 square feet.


The home office accommodates a team that has grown from 36 employees to 86 over the past year. Another expansion is coming very soon: in September, MFour will open its first satellite branch, an office in Scottsdale, Arizona, where 25 additional employees will focus on software development.


Signifying MFour’s innovative thinking, fighting spirit, commitment to excellence, and sense of humor, visitors to its new wing will quickly spot murals of Albert Einstein (depicted delivering a tongue-not-in-cheek lecture on consumer research), Thomas Edison and Muhammad Ali, along with soccer great Diego Maradona and a thoroughbred race horse and rider in full stride.


The murals and big projection screens in the new wing complement a striking electronic landmark that greets visitors as they arrive on MFour’s floor – a large, real-time motion map of the United States that shows blinking dots and flashing vectors of colored light shooting rapidly across the country in all directions. The vectors are activated by each actual survey going out, and each response coming in. The dots blink whenever one of the more than 1.3 million active panelists who use the definitive Surveys on the Go® research app crosses a geofence MFour has created to enable clients to conduct unique in-location and after-visit shopper surveys anywhere in the United States.


“If you’re in consumer insights, marketing or advertising, we’d love to have you come by and see what we’re doing,” MFour CEO Chris St. Hilaire said. “Otherwise, we’ll see you on the conference circuit or pay you a visit. Whatever it takes so you’ll understand that in-app mobile research isn’t just better than what you have now, but uniquely and categorically different.”


At this stage in its development, MFour is a mature startup that’s poised to fulfill the aim it has been driving toward since its founding in 2011: leading the consumer insights industry into a new era by harnessing the unprecedented data-generating power, accuracy and reach of smartphones, the dominant information and communications technology of the 21st century.


The company’s growing client base includes 88 new accounts established in 2016 alone – with more than 20 Fortune 500 companies among the new arrivals. A recent $5 million investment by Kayne NewRoad Ventures Fund has helped underwrite the growth in staffing and facilities, along with ongoing innovation and advancement of mobile survey technology and fielding processes. MFour is committed to achieving its rapid growth without compromising the data quality it delivers and the hands-on, every-step-of-the-way consultation and communication its clients deserve.


Behind this rapid growth is the insights industry’s increasing awareness that the in-app survey technology and all-mobile research panel MFour pioneers are not just the gold standard for quality data that’s demographically representative and fraud-free, but the only way for the industry to evolve and prosper in the Smartphone Era. Consumer research is nearing the inflection point at which in-app mobile data and insights will completely supersede last-generation online research methods designed for desktop computers. “Mobile optimized” half-measures that marry smartphones to outdated online survey platforms simply perpetuate the unsustainable status quo.


Rapid and sweeping change is hardly unprecedented in the consumer insights industry. The shift to in-app mobile echoes the evolution of a generation ago, when irreversible changes in technology and consumers’ habits made telephone surveys economically prohibitive, ushering in the era of online research. Now comes the next great step forward.


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