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MFour’s CEO Responds to a Bad Rap on Mobile Published in Quirk’s

Posted by admin on Jul 11, 2016 1:34:56 PM

There’s nothing like a good point/counterpoint debate, and MFour cofounder and CEO Chris St. Hilaire makes his point about the capabilities of mobile research loud and clear in today’s bimonthly e-newsletter from Quirks’ Marketing Research Media.

Chris’s essay is a rejoinder to an article in the June edition of Quirk’s magazine, in which Australian researcher Philip Derham conducted a study of survey respondents from Down Under and found that many of them disliked taking surveys on their smartphones because of problems such as dropped signals that made it frustrating and often impossible to complete the questions.

Click here for Chris's full response published by Quirk's -- and for a further comment from Derham that we appreciate.Chris St. Hilaire

Our MFour leader (pictured) spells out the differences between bad mobile methods that led to the Australian study's dismal findings for mobile surveys, and the very different state-of-the-art methods and technologies that MFour deploys for its clients.

“Technologies and panel-recruitment methods can differ radically between flawed and optimal approaches, yet all are lumped in the same `mobile’ category,’” Chris observes. “There is, in fact, good mobile and bad mobile, and the study published in Quirk’s uncovers precisely what’s wrong with the bad stuff.”

In his comment following up on Chris's essay, Derham writes that state of the art mobile technology is not yet available to market researchers in Australia, but "I appreciate the discussion and the exchange of ideas that enables our industry to strengthen the range of tools and techniques available for us all, so we can choose the most appropriate, not just the one someone  has available."

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