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MFour at OmniShopper: Get Our Roadmap to Essential Consumer Data

Posted by admin on Jul 8, 2016 12:24:05 PM

“All roads lead to Rome” was a proud boast about economic power that resounded through the ancient world.

Today’s economic reality is that all paths lead to purchase – but the question is how to get shoppers to beat a path to one’s own door – whether it’s an eCommerce portal or a bricks-and-mortar store. The roads to Rome were many; the paths to sales today are all but infinite. This is an immense business opportunity – but also a huge challenge.

Attendees at next week’s OmniShopper conference in Chicago will be looking for answers about how to nudge today’s shoppers in directions their companies or research clients want them to go. Which is why MFour is sending a two-man delegation. We’ll be there to help attendees take an all-mobile path to research and retail success by gleaning essential data and insights showing what shoppers want and how they decide to buy.

Alex Colao and Scott WorthgeSenior Solutions Executives Alex Colao (far left) and Scott Worthge will be at OmniShopper to talk about the all-encompassing reality of today’s commerce – that we’re living in a Smartphone Empire. Users’ mobile devices are taking them where they want to go electronically, and shaping their shopping behavior along with everything else.

MFour and its Surveys on the Go® proprietary app are the best way to get in touch with the new empire’s citizens to get the answers you need.

Visit Alex and Scott at MFour’s exhibit and they’ll tell you about:

  • How our panel of more than a million mobile users can generate the fast, validated and demographically representative data researchers need.
  • How our superior, extra-accurate Geo-location capabilities will take you right to the point of purchase throughout the U.S., pushing surveys to the consumers you want at the locations you need, at the moment it matters most.
  • How you can segment and target our panel by the apps its members use, and by the shopping sites they’ve visited.

Today’s retailers already are awash in data they’ve collected about their customers –more of it than they can sift through productively. MFour’s role is to help turn that data into a more precise guide to following up with the questions you still need answered.

“We give brands and researchers the ability to find out what they don’t know” amid the data glut, says Alex. “We put them in touch. With people shopping in all these different ways, the mobile phone is a big player in how they do it. If you want to know how mobile users are shopping, what better way than to survey them while they're shopping? With our smartphone panel, MFour can make it happen."

So if you’re heading to OmniShopper, look for the MFour green in the exhibit area and stop by for a friendly and informative chat. Whatever research road you’re traveling, Alex and Scott will tell you how accessing the state-of-the art in mobile capabilities will get you where you want to go.

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