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MarketWatch Uses Mobile App-Tracking Data To Report on Uber Tipping

Posted by admin on Jun 27, 2017 1:50:10 PM


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It’s rare for consumers to voluntarily pay more for a service, but that seems to be the case among Uber riders surveyed by MFour. 79% of the Uber app users in our study said the rideshare company’s recent decision to make it easy to add a tip to the fare by using its app's regular payment feature is a “great idea” or “good idea.”


Developments at Uber are always big news, and the survey of 1,112 MFour panelists who use the Uber app drew coverage from MarketWatch, whose reporter, Kari Paul, used that key insight for a story headlined,Yes, most people believe Uber drivers deserve tips. She also probed some of the ins and outs of rideshare tipping.


Some experts quoted in Kari’s story worry that riders will feel pressured into “guilt tipping,” because Uber drivers get to rate their customers and could warn against those they perceive as ungenerous. But MFour’s survey findings suggest that a large majority of Uber riders are happy to have an easy option to show their appreciation in a way most drivers will really appreciate.


With its app-tracking capability, MFour can quickly identify which members of its all-mobile Surveys on the Go® panel of more than 1.3 million active users have a given app, then send them a timely survey. Thanks to MarketWatch for staying on top of the Uber story.


For more details on the rider survey, click here.

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