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Make 700,000 Millennials Your Roadmap to the Future

Posted by admin on Dec 27, 2016 11:16:50 AM




Millennials are on the verge of becoming all grown up—all 83.7 million of them. And of course, that makes them the most important focus for businesses. Millennials are a national obsession, subject to more analysis, commentary, and off-the-cuff generalization about their attitudes and actions than any other group of Americans.


Marketing success depends on making accurate conclusions grounded in data. Off-the-cuff thinking won’t cut it. Perhaps the only useful generalization about Millennials is that nearly all of them have smartphones. At least 86% of those under 30, and at least 83% of those 30 and over are smartphone users, according to 2015 data from Pew Research Center.


Interface with them on their phones for market research, and you have a chance to understand them more accurately. But there is a further distinction to be made. Not all mobile market research is the same.


Research professionals acknowledge that the online survey methods that have long prevailed no longer work. They can’t reach enough of the right people at the right time – and that’s because online surveys and smartphones simply don’t mesh. Asking respondents to use their smartphones to connect with the Internet to take an online survey is like asking a Ferrari driver to stick to the speed limit on an open road with no other cars around.


A figure published by Flurry Analytics points the way forward: Americans average three hours and 40 minutes a day on their phones, and 90% of that time is spent using mobile apps. True-mobile research is app-based research. Americans have voted with their fingers – they’re tapping on apps. It’s how they like to use their phones. It’s what Millennials, in particular, find most appealing.


So how do you reach them in a way that matters to your business? MFour’s true-mobile surveys are driven by an app, allowing respondents to answer your questions in the way they most prefer. By reaching them where they really live (or shop), you’ll get vivid insights into their thoughts, feelings, and preferences.


Millennials constitute 70% of the more than one million active panelists you’ll connect with on the Surveys on the Go® app. Reward Millennials with a true-mobile smartphone survey experience, and they’ll reward you, too – with the business insights you need – now, and in the decades to come.


To learn more about the only app-centered, true-mobile platform, please visit or contact Alex at


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