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Let Validated Consumers Tell You Whether Your Mobile Ads are Working

Posted by admin on Jun 20, 2017 9:41:14 AM


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Frustrated? Confused? Looking for answers?


Marketers and advertising professionals are nodding their heads, because these are natural responses to the dizzying changes sweeping the landscape of digital advertising. The absence of clear rules, definitions, metrics and best practices for gauging the success of digital ad campaigns – especially crucial mobile ads – is nothing if not anxiety-provoking.


Turn, a marketing platform provider, recently surveyed advertising agency executives, and some of the findings were revealing: 83% of the respondents rated video ads as the “most effective means” for reaching and influencing consumers. But just how effective was another matter. 76% expressed concerns about “viewability” – a standard measure based on how long and how fully a video ad is displayed on a mobile recipient’s device. A video ad is commonly considered “viewable” – and therefore billable – if half the screen comes in view for two seconds.

Is “viewability” an adequate measure? It’s a high stakes question; Facebook, for example, gets 85% of its ad revenues from mobile.


So here’s a suggestion: instead of using a stopwatch and a ruler, how about talking to real consumers to see how they react to mobile advertising – both during the testing stage and after a campaign has launched?


In the concept- and content-testing stage, you can inject a test ad into the news feeds of consumers on a mobile research panel, knowing they fit the audience profile your campaign is targeting. The test content is indistinguishable from the “live” ads the same panelists customarily receive. This gives you the most natural and realistic preview of how consumers will respond to the test ad. If they respond well, you’ll know you’re primed for mobile success and can plan other marketing approaches accordingly. If not, you’ll have bought yourself a quick heads-up in time to make the necessary fixes. This capability, called Emotional Brand Connections Social Media Ad Testing, is a new offering from MFour, in partnership with Kantar Added Value.


To measure effectiveness of mobile campaigns once they’ve been launched, the crucial factor is the unique Ad ID that’s attached to every individual smartphone. Advertisers can obtain the IDs of the devices their ads have reached, and match them against the Ad IDs represented on an all-mobile panel whose members have all provided detailed demographics profiles. You’ll learn whether these validated recipients fit the consumer profiles you really want to reach – and get a fast read on whether you’re getting proper targeting. For deeper measurement insights, you can survey the validated recipients and learn whether they’re noticing the ads, gaining awareness of your brand and product, and being influenced to shop and buy. This technique for measuring advertising targeting and effectiveness is called Mobile Ad Metrics OnDemand.


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