Let Mobile ID Targeting Lift Your Incidence Rates and Drive New Insights

Posted by admin on Apr 10, 2017 10:36:02 AM




To paraphrase Barbra Streisand, people who know people are the luckiest people in the world.


But what about people – let’s call them consumer insights professionals, advertisers and marketers -- who are drowning in numbers that tell them about people, but don’t give them the direct human interactions they need to really know people?


Big Data consists of numbers about people. It automatically tracks digital footprints that can reveal purchasing behavior and visits to retail sites. Insights gained from Big Data are inferences drawn from circumstantial evidence.


Advanced, survey-based mobile research is different, but harmonizes well with Big Data. It gives you direct evidence – the testimony you need to hear from real consumers in the Smartphone Era. This is how you can really know them: targeting them by demographic niche or observed behaviors, and then having a direct conversation about their  feelings, preferences and motivations. Just as in courts of justice, direct testimony from advanced mobile surveys and circumstantial evidence from Big Data go hand-in-hand.


Now there’s a numerical code that gives you a powerful new way to unlock the human side of that equation. It’s called the Advertising ID – and each mobile user has one attached to his or her phone or tablet. Acquire that number, and you can reach the real person who uses that phone.


In the next few days we’ll be telling you more about how Ad IDs are your conduits for getting to know consumers who are part of the massive digital majority that uses mobile apps and receives mobile ads. Once you master Ad IDs, we think you’ll feel like the luckiest consumer insights people in the world. So stay tuned.



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