Learn How Geolocation Studies Validate Data and Bring it to Life

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How valuable are consumer insights that provide the “what” without getting fully inside the “who,” “when,” and “where?”

The question arises from a recently-published case study that examined the fragility of brand loyalty in the face of hotly competitive pricing in the travel industry. The study attacked the question with an online survey of self-identified travelers who’d taken trips within the past six months.

Without questioning the findings about travelers’ brand loyalty – “not very” sums it up – it’s useful to point out how this kind of research can be decisively enhanced and enriched by using mobile GeoLocation. A GeoLocation study would pinpoint people who are traveling right now, instead of relying on respondents to make a half-year memory stretch. And all GeoLocated respondents are, by definition, validated to a certainty – because each one’s smartphone location signal is telling you exactly where you’ve reached them.

Here’s a basic outline of how GeoLocation studies work:

  • Put geofences around the locations that are relevant to your study – if you needed to talk to travelers in-the-moment, you might consider travel hubs, conference and convention centers and amusement parks. Any structure can be geofenced, as long as you can provide its latitude and longitude. Proprietary GeoIntensity® technology ensures state-of-the-art mapping accuracy.
  • Go with a mobile panel that’s large enough to achieve an incidence rate and completion rate sufficient for high-confidence data.
  • Panelists who cross a geofence to enter a travel hub or popular travel destination receive an immediate push notification, using a proprietary technology called GeoNotification®. Or, you can hold off and push the survey notification as soon as they cross the geofence as they leave the site.

Either way, you’re talking to people about an experience that’s foremost in their minds at this very moment, instead of asking them to think back weeks and months to recall what they did and what motivated their decisions. Mobile GeoLocation studies cut through the haze of memory decay and give you the clarity and emotion of right now. They take you into a fertile garden of insights about what consumers are thinking, feeling and doing, just when they’re thinking, feeling and doing it.

Does the idea of a research presentation that gives just the “what” and relies on long-range recall seem a little unreliable and bland? Mobile GeoLocation gives you the range and depth you need to make your research timely and vivid to the clients or bosses who are relying on your data and analysis to make sound business decisions.

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