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Learn How Ad IDs Solve the Conundrum of Mobile Ad Metrics

Posted by admin on Apr 13, 2017 11:18:56 AM




There’s no question that companies and brands are all-in with mobile advertising. But questions abound as to whether they’re getting their money’s worth for the billions they’re spending. Are they reaching the right consumers? Are ad recipients even aware of the commercial messages that appear on their screens? How effective are mobile ads in provoking interest in products and instilling an intent to buy?


The stakes surrounding these questions are incredibly high. Mobile ads accounted for 84% of Facebook’s  global revenues in 2016. For Google it was 59.5%, and 90% for Twitter. Advertisers know where they have to be. But so far, they don’t have a clear read on what all that spending accomplishes.


Many would-be solutions call for inferring mobile ads’ effectiveness by aggregating data that quantifies ad impressions and correlates them to sales lift. That’s important to provide a framework for understanding the “what” of ads’ correlations to consumer behavior -- but not the “who” or “why.” The real keys to unlocking the insights you need are the unique mobile Ad IDs that identify each device that receives a particular ad. Here's how the process works:

  • When a smartphone or tablet receives an ad, the device’s Ad ID automatically is collected by the publisher, advertising agency or advertiser.
  • Once you’ve obtained the Ad IDs for your campaign, you can match them against known recipients to see if those recipients fit the consumer profiles you’re trying to reach. .
  • By partnering with MFour, you’ll match your AD IDs against more than one million active panelists who use the Surveys on the Go® research app. Now you’re ready to get insights about who those validated recipients are, and how they experienced your ads.

You now have two very useful options, each relevant to a specific need:

  • Knowing your audience: Collect detailed, validated aggregate demographic data on these known recipients, which MFour collects from all panel members when they join. Do most of your mobile ad recipients fit the profile you’re paying to reach?
  • See whether your ads are working: Survey these known and validated ad recipients to obtain insights into advertising awareness and recall, creative content, and to measure advertising lift.
  • Did the campaign pay off? Follow up with respondents who report an intent to purchase with a subsequent survey to determine whether they actually shopped and bought. MFour experiences an 85% average response rate for follow-up surveys fielded within two weeks of the initial interview.

Do you agree that mobile ad measurement is a huge conundrum? Do Ad IDs sound like a way to find clarity? Let’s have a conversation about it. Please get in touch at

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