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It's OK if Your Research Goes South (That's Where the Consumers Are)

Posted by MFour on Aug 28, 2018 6:00:00 AM


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Here’s a pop quiz on U.S. demographics, a subject of no small interest to marketing and market research professionals.

Which U.S. region, as defined by the Census Bureau, has the largest population (no Googling allowed)?

The answer is the South, by a considerable margin. If you answered the West or the Northeast, that might reflect the outsized influence of the entertainment and information industries, which tend to present a picture of the U.S. from the bicoastal perspectives of Boston-New York City-Washington, D.C. and Seattle-Silicon Valley-Los Angeles.

In fact, the South, defined by the Census Bureau as encompassing 16 states stretching diagonally from Texas and Oklahoma on the west to Delaware and Maryland at the northeast, accounts for 38% of the estimated adult (18+) population, according to 2017 estimates. Trailing are the West (13 states, including Alaska and Hawaii) with 24%, the Northeast (9 states) with 18%, and the Midwest (12 states), 21%.  

The question arises from a recent conversation one of MFour’s Solutions Executives had with a prospective client. He had looked at the detailed Consumer Panel chart we publish on our website, and saw that 40% of our consumers are in the South. The person asked why we were over-represented in the South. In fact, we’re pretty much on target in our geographical representation across all four Census Bureau regions. You can see a U.S. map graphic that lays out key characteristics of MFour’s first-party consumer panel by clicking here.

If you would like to start a conversation with us about our consumers, who provide opinion data via Surveys On The Go® and the 200+ demographic and psychographic profiles we maintain to represent every corner of America, just click here.

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