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It’s Facebook’s World, and Here’s How Advertisers Can Thrive in It

Posted by admin on Nov 6, 2017 9:44:54 AM


Not all roads lead to Facebook when it comes to mobile ad spending, but let’s just say it’s a pretty hard destination to skip.


In its earnings report for Q3, the social media giant, which also includes Instagram, said it had booked $8.9 billion in mobile ad revenue for the quarter, up a whopping 57% from Q3 of 2016. Mobile ads brought in 86.4% of all Facebook revenue.


The price per ad on Facebook/Instagram rose 35%, year-over-year, and ad impressions increased 10%. The company reported that more than 6 million advertisers used the Facebook platform during the quarter, and an additional 2 million-plus placed ads on Instagram. The ads were absorbed by 1.37 billion daily active users worldwide – 16% more than the year before. Taking less frequent monthly users into account, Facebook/Instagram commanded a total audience of 2.07 billion people during the quarter.


In a nutshell, there’s a world of competition among marketers to reach a world of eyes glued not just to Facebook/Instagram, but to YouTube and Twitter. To win in such a crowded environment, advertisers need to know the landscape, starting with understanding whether an ad has what it takes to get consumers to notice and be influenced by it. 


Social Ad Testing is the advertising research tool that lets you battle-test a mobile ad on major social media platforms even before its release – by seeing how the ad performs in the exact personal news feeds where ads fight for attention amid a torrent of posts from family, friends and other sources.  


Social Ad Testing has several defining features that combine to make it unique:


 Instead of creating a mockup of a social news feed, it injects a test ad into the actual personal news feeds of members of a mobile consumer research panel, whose profiles fit the demographic or behavioral group the ad is targeting.


– This means test-ad recipients experience the test ad just as they experience all other ads – without being aware it’s a test. It shows up in a feed where the ad competes for attention with everything else that’s coming in over social media. 


 Social Ad Testing begins by passively collects recipients’ interactions with the test ad, including clicks, likes, shares and turning on audio. The data helps clients draw  important inferences about the ad’s prospects for success.


  Then the test goes a unique step further. Advertisers follow up by surveying the same validated recipients who've been passively tracked, to obtain deeper insights that give the “how” and “why” of an ad’s performance, on top of the “what.”


 Recipients answer questions that ascertain whether the ad lifted awareness and intent to shop and buy. And clients also receive important feedback on what recipients liked or didn’t like about the campaign’s concept and creative content.   


It’s a fully-rounded test in a natural social media environment, designed to give advertisers confidence. Campaigns that test well are ready to succeed and be worth a solid investment; when they don't test well, the specific "why" feedback you get allows you to rework and retest your ads until your test audience tells you it’s working as intended, and ready to launch.


For a productive conversation about how Social Ad Testing and other mobile research capabilities can meet your projects’ specific needs, just get in touch by clicking here.



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