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Is Your Data Really Representing the Voice of the Customer?

Posted by admin on Jan 4, 2018 4:29:27 PM


Here’s a thought: consumer-facing businesses are like families, with the company as parent and consumers as children who need to be listened to, understood, and influenced.


This analogy is inspired by a column in MediaPost’s MarketingDaily newsletter that argues the traditional role of Chief Marketing Officer has evolved, or should evolve, so that CMOs listen to consumers and then represent them at corporate tables where decisions are made. Instead of fashioning “one way communications from company to customer, marketers now often represent the voice of the customer,” writes Brooke Niemiec, Chief Marketing Officer for the Elicit marketing agency. Here's how she defines the evolved marketing role: “By deeply understanding all available customer insight, [CMOs] can evangelize everything they know about their customers to influence decision-making in any capacity.”


It sounds like what deeply-involved parents typically do: listen and observe to gain a full understanding of the child, then make decisions on how to influence the child to make desirable decisions. Of course, the analogy can’t be carried too far: good businesses value their customers enough to give them good consumer experiences, while good parents value their children enough to put their hearts and souls into preparing them for a good life. But in both cases, good listening, good understanding, and good thinking are crucial to getting good results.  


You can read the MediaPost column by clicking here. Another thought to keep in mind: in the Smartphone Era, you can’t understand, let alone represent, the voice of the customer without hearing from them on the mobile devices that absorb, delight and inform them throughout their day – and on which their individual and collective voices gain expression. For a productive conversation about how advanced mobile-app research can help you get in touch with today’s consumers to generate the data your specific projects require, just click here.

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