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Influencer Surveys,” Gauging those who Engage the Rest of Us

Posted by admin on Oct 13, 2013 11:03:56 AM

Here’s an interesting statistic. Of the nearly 2,000 Surveys On The Go app downloads and smartphone accounts created on our platform every single day, more than 40% of them are making the choice to log-in via Facebook.

That fact is giving market researchers the opportunity to gauge the opinions of the most active and engaged social media respondents in the US today.

How many Facebook friends do you have? Do you have more than 1,000? Well, because our respondents allow us to view their profiles including friends, we can target the most active and popular “Facebookers” out there and get to the most influential respondents on the web today.

“Non-Buyer,” Studies. Why didn’t Consumers Buy?

In a recent GPS location study we conducted, more than half of the 1,000 respondents leaving a popular retail-clothing store after spending more than 15 minutes in the store didn’t buy the item that they went in for. Why? We can’t tell you…but we certainly gave our client the answer.

GPS and our patent pending technology allows us to target shoppers as they enter a location, as they leave a location and anytime in between. And for the first time in history, it is giving researchers the ability to accurately gauge the opinions of buyers and non-buyers alike.

“Competitive Shopping” Studies – How Do I Stack up to the Competition?

Understanding your competition is every bit as important as understanding yourselves. Last month we wrapped us a competitive study comparing experiences of 2,000 fast food shoppers at three different chains – in location – and in less than two days.

Call us to talk about your needs and ways to design your next mobile study. Please contact us at 714.754.1234 or

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