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In-Store Insights from Shoppers on Black Friday

Posted by admin on Nov 22, 2016 1:33:21 PM
It’s the most wonderful time of the year for research. With so many shoppers fully engaged with purchases for those they care about, it’s the ideal time for in-store feedback for timely Point-of-Emotion® insights. With only a few days before the biggest shopping day of the year, you can still connect with consumers using GPS-powered, true-mobile research technology — and you can easily get in touch with your customers as they’re acting on their deepest emotions about brands and products.
With MFourDIY™ — the nation’s only all-mobile, do-it-yourself survey-creation platform — you can create a survey today and schedule it to field on Black Friday (or sooner). Plus, you can continue to gather insights throughout the holiday season. Instead of winding things down for the holidays, why not end the year with a closing kick that will give you insights when shoppers are most immersed in the shopping experience?
To learn more, e-mail the most solutions-focused person in DIY mobile market research (his name is Chris) at

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