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How To Talk Turkey With Consumers Before They’re Done Digesting

Posted by admin on Nov 22, 2017 12:04:45 PM


It’s the time of year when everybody’s talking turkey, and every grocery and a great many restaurants are still selling them. In the spirit of the holiday, the U.S. Census Bureau has provided some timely data on the turkey phenomenon. The turkey (Meleagris gallopavois is its official scientific name), is more popular, and populous, than ever. There are two-thirds as many of them in the U.S. as there are homo sapiens, and as of 2016 the turkey population was growing 6 to 7 times more rapidly than the  human population.


 According to the Census Bureau, the nation’s turkey population reached 244 million in 2016, up 4.5% from the year before.


The human population in 2016 was 323 million, up 0.7%  from the previous year.


Never mind a chicken in every pot – there could be two turkeys in every household if those 244 million were apportioned equally among the nation’s 118.9 million dwellings.


Despite the proliferation of domestic turkeys, the U.S. runs a trade deficit in the birds – importing $25.8 million in live turkeys in 2016, while exports ran to about $12 million, for a $13.7 million deficit. 99.9% of those imported gobblers came from Canada, and 0.1% from France. The French word for turkey is “dinde,” by the way.


 America was home to approximately 66,000 grocery stores in 2016, as well as 3,500 baked goods stores to help supply the desserts that many feasters will be too stuffed to consume – but will probably consume them anyway.


 Faced with preparing all those Thanksgiving feasts, U.S. households are well-equipped: according to 2011 estimates, 98.6% of them had a gas or electric stove.


 Leftovers shouldn’t be a problem, since 96.8% of homes had a microwave.


Talking turkey with turkey consumers isn’t a problem either. About 80% of adult Americans have smartphones, and mobile research is fast enough to gain insights before all that food has even been fully digested. White meat or dark meat? Home-cooked or prepared elsewhere for pickup or delivery? Tolerance for leftovers: how many additional turkey meals do you think you can you stand? What do you plan to serve or eat for Christmas dinner? Turkey again? All you have to do is think of what to ask, then field it to a U.S. panel of more than 1.3 million active members who are fully engaged with their phones and ready to gobble up your questions and feed you back accurate, validated, hand-cleaned data.


Here’s wishing a sweet, tasty and blessed Thanksgiving to all. And remember, to talk turkey about how mobile-app research can get you quick-hit data faster than it takes to roast a royal-sized Tom, with a 25% response rate in an hour and up to 50% in a day, just get in touch by clicking here.

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