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How To Play on the DIY Research Dream Team

Posted by admin on Feb 28, 2018 10:45:22 AM


Consumer insights pros have lots of DIY options, but MFourDIY® is the one that lets you show how much game you’ve really got. Here’s why:


You get the right equipment

A survey-building platform that’s intuitively easy, but sophisticated enough to let you target with more than 120 variables, and program with more than 120 question types.


In-app survey technology whose smooth functionality benefits researchers and respondents alike, driving speedy design, fielding and data delivery.


Smartphone capabilities such as multimedia questions and in-their-own words “video selfie” responses make this DIY sophisticated, not simplistic.


You get the players you need to win

2 million validated, carefully profiled and eager-to-engage U.S. consumers who make up the largest  all-mobile panel.


  Reach them at the right time and place using mobile GPS location surveys for in-store and after-visit data that’s location-validated and safe from recall bias. 


 Engagement drives unprecedented research speed: 25% response rate in first hour; 50% in first day. 


You get a bench full of teammates who’ve got your back

On the front end, an in-house, real-time help team ensures that what you’ve designed is feasible and will meet panelists’ expectations for an excellent experience that will yield excellent data.


On the back end, your completes will be validated by real humans.


And you’ll only be charged for clean completes.


Remember when Kevin Costner built a ballpark in a cornfield in “Field of Dreams” because he heard a voice telling him, “build it and he will come?” Building surveys with MFourDIY®  lets you realize your research dreams – fast fielding and quality data for cost effective projects that make you a quick-turnaround deadline hero. For full information about the kinds of data and insights you’ll get in the big leagues of DIY research, just get in touch by clicking here


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