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How To Master Space & Time with Mobile Path 2 Purchase™

Posted by MFour on May 2, 2018 9:30:00 AM


The new Path 2 Purchase™ Platform  powers unprecedented consumer insights opportunities by giving researchers new ways to visualize observed behavioral data and enrich it with validated, first-party survey data.

The key that opens the door is continuous tracking of mobile consumers’ journeys through space & time.

  • By “space” we mean 12.5 million U.S. locations, including all stores of the top 1,000 retailers.
  • By “time” we mean always and continuously, because Path 2 Purchase™ never sleeps.
  • Whose movements are being tracked? Members of the nation’s largest all-mobile panel.
  • Why are they special? They form a uniquely engaged, first-party research audience who accurately represent the entire population of U.S. smartphone users.

More than 2 million consumers have downloaded Surveys On The Go®, the proprietary consumer research app that powers Path 2 Purchase™ and  other MFour offerings, including MFourDIY®. The panel grows by about 2,000 new arrivals each day, strictly by word of mouth.

Another fact worth knowing: churn for the average online panel is nearly ten times greater than turnover among Surveys On The Go® users.

Here’s more about how Path 2 Purchase™ works, and what you'll be able to accomplish: 

  • Surveys On The Go® users agree to turn on their devices’ location function, knowing they’ll receive opportunities to take location-based surveys and enjoy reliable cash rewards.
  • Tracking their journeys through retail space, coupled with validated demographic and ethnographic profiling, creates unique targeting possibilities.
  • Path 2 Purchase™ users get access to a dashboard that enables them to choose among more than 200 demographic and ethnographic criteria.
  • You select which consumers to track, and which ones to survey, using special GeoNotification® alerts, to learn the “why” behind the “where” of their day-in, day-out journeys.
  • The data you’ll see as you play with different time/place/profile combinations on the Path 2 Purchase™ dashboard is pulled instantly from an exhaustive Consumer Knowledge Center, where all the location data coming from all those phones is continually stored, sorted, and updated by the minute.
  • As you view each combination of space, time and profile, consumer segments you hadn’t even considered might well jump out at you and point the way to surprising new research possibilities.
  • For example, who has been to a Walmart four times over the past month? Who are the Walmart-rejecters who never go – and do they shop at Target instead?
  • Does a certain profile group prefer shopping on weekday evenings, or is it more likely to go to a Walmart or Target during weekends?
  • Path 2 Purchase™ lets you identify them, then go a step further by surveying them about why they do what they do, with an incidence rate of 100%, because you’re only targeting the exact validated consumers you need to talk to.

To summarize, this is right-place, right-time location research on steroids, enabling you to be absolutely certain of consumers’ paths through space & time, then reach out to them at the optimal place and time: when they’re currently in a store, or just after they’ve left. It’s the ideal workaround to eliminate recall bias. It’s the way to exercise your research mastery.

To schedule a Path 2 Purchase™ demo and learn more about how it will help you capture the specific insights you need, just click here.

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