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How Mobile Apps & GeoLocation Drove Insights on Car Deals and Meals

Posted by admin on Jun 22, 2017 9:30:41 AM


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A good deal of daily living in the USA revolves around meals and wheels, so countless brands and advertisers are looking for insights into how consumers shop for lunch and get where they need to go.

One crucial way to get your research where it needs to go is app targeting. It lets you identify and connect in a flash with mobile consumers whose smartphone apps identify them as the perfect people to ask about brands and behaviors associated with those apps.

Another data-rich option is the location-based mobile study, today’s technologically advanced improvement on traditional clipboard-and-pen shop-alongs and sidewalk surveys. Using GPS-based GeoLocation whose accuracy is powered by proprietary GeoIntensity® technology, you can find and query consumers while they’re in the act of shopping and buying, or wait until just after they’ve left a store or other relevant location.

MFour recently put app-tracking and GeoLocation in action on behalf of valued clients who needed fast-action reads on meals and wheels.

Felicia Leone Trimboli, president and founder of Leone Marketing Research, wanted to delve into meals – specifically, whether Panera Bread customers would be open to paying a $3 delivery fee per order. By targeting users of the MyPanera smartphone app, she got her answers in a hurry from 100 consumers who were exactly the right people to ask. To find out what she learned, just click here. went the GeoLocation route, and for good reason. It needed to find car shoppers at a specific time – Memorial Day weekend – and a particular kind of place, car dealerships nationwide. The object was to learn the who, what, how and why of car shopping over those three big days for all kinds of commerce. MFour has geofenced thousands of auto dealerships nationwide, making it easy to connect with just the right shoppers among the 2 million-plus consumers who have downloaded its Surveys on the Go® research app. Proprietary GeoNotification® technology made it possible to alert them to a survey opportunity as they entered or exited any of those dealerships. Researchers for used Surveys on the Go® to connect with 600 natural car shoppers over the Memorial Day holiday while they were in the midst of shopping in a dealer’s showroom or lot. To read a blog post on what they learned, click here.


Think of mobile app targeting and mobile location surveys as the fastest, most reliable wheels you can ride on in your quest for insights. Then you’ll be able to give your clients or bosses a sumptuous, data-enriched meal of insights and analysis. Meals and wheels – just keep ‘em in mind as you think about how to serve your clients or your brands’ marketers. To learn more about app tracking, GeoLocation studies and other advanced mobile research capabilities, just contact us at

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