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How Do Mobile Best Practices Drive Panel Quality? Take Six Minutes To Get Tuned In

Posted by admin on Apr 27, 2017 10:46:30 AM




If you want the lowdown on innovations and best practices in recruiting and managing research panels, here’s an opportunity to hear it from the guy who has the most experience when it comes to panel cultivation and engagement in the crucial mobile research sphere.


Chris St. Hilaire, MFour’s co-founder and CEO, had a chat this week with Bob Lederer for Bob’s “Business Research Daily Report” on YouTube. Check out the interview for a 6-minute overview of the panel quality issues facing market researchers, and how mobile best practices for sourcing  consistent, quality data provide alternatives to online panel methodology. The discussion focuses on common errors in panel recruitment, management and engagement that can compromise quality, consistency and reliability.


Thanks, as always, to Bob for providing and moderating a daily forum that elevates the conversation about the issues that are on market researchers’ minds, and keeps us all up to date on the innovations and opportunities that are moving the industry forward. And for   your own one-on-one conversation about mobile solutions, just contact us at




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