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High Stakes Research: Testing Your Mobile Social Media Ads

Posted by admin on Jun 1, 2017 9:23:30 AM




There’s nothing more urgent for insights professionals than finding ways to mine reliable data about consumer attitudes from the booming mobile social media landscape. Facebook alone generates more than $22 billion a year in mobile advertising revenue – just one sign of how crucial it is to meet consumers in the social space that occupies so much of their time and attention.


One newsworthy development is the establishment of a U.S. group called the Social Media Research Association, whose aims include helping to “connect…members with the latest tech platforms…[and] guidelines for best practices.”


Another is the debut of a new technique – reported on by Research Live and other industry publications – for testing social media advertising content before a campaign begins. Launched by MFour in partnership with Kantar Added Value, it’s called Emotional Brand Connections Social Media Ad Testing.


Brands and ad agencies can inject test ads into targeted mobile consumers’ actual news feeds to understand whether the concept and content drive awareness and favorable attitudes toward brand and product. Advertisers can then reliably fine-tune, then retest their social media campaigns to achieve maximum effectiveness. The difference-maker is having your test ads appear in consumers’ news feeds as natural content, indistinguishable from the regular ads they receive. Bias goes down, lifting your understanding of how ads really will fare in the mobile social media environment where your brand needs to thrive.



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