Here's What You Need to Know About Mobile Research in 2017

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Ten years ago this week, Steve Jobs announced the imminent debut of Apple’s first iPhone. A decade later, the average American adult spends more than 10 ½ hours a day looking at electronic screens. It’s estimated that about a third of that time is spent on smartphones. Only TV screens command more of our attention; PCs have fallen into third place. This poses both a challenge and an opportunity for market research in 2017:

  • Is it possible to engage consumers long enough to get them to give you some insights into what’s going on behind all those eyes that are glued to screens?
  • And is it possible to turn the phones consumers are obsessed with into tools for better research?

The answers are “yes” and “definitely” – but there are two caveats to consider.


Yes, you can get consumers to carve out some minutes in those 10 ½ hours of daily screen time to engage fully in taking your surveys. But the caveat is that you have to choose the right screen – the smartphones that virtually all consumers hold in their hands.


And you definitely can put consumers’ phones to great research use – the caveat being that you’d better make sure you’re using advanced, true-mobile technology to field your surveys. Smartphone users – especially Millennials and the rising Generation Z – love great experiences on their devices, but find few things more unforgivably off-putting than apps that are clunky and slow. In other words, you need to get it right.


So what should you be doing in this milestone year for smartphones? You should be learning how to win with them. And the best way to begin is to leverage the power of MFourDIY™– the nation’s only true-mobile, do-it-yourself survey building platform. So take a moment to immerse yourself in the DIY experience by clicking here.


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