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Here's What To Talk About  When You're Talking Mobile

Posted by admin on Oct 24, 2017 9:30:07 AM


Here are some key points to consider when you talk to suppliers of mobile research technology and mobile sample.


The best approach is to talk very specifically about the research you’re trying to accomplish, and see which solutions the mobile provider can bring to bear.


Some grounding in the broader basics of mobile is important, but even If you’re exploring mobile research for the first time, you’ll pick up a lot of the background info as a by-product of talking about your specific needs.


First, make sure to establish which kind of mobile the supplier is offering, because there are two approaches, not one. The first is mobile-app research. The other is known as “mobile web” or “mobile optimized.” Compare the specific solutions you’re offered by vendors of either approach, with special attention to panel sourcing.


An important comparison is how each approach addresses low online response rates, poor data quality, panel duplication and survey fraud. Mobile-app takes the process offline by embedding surveys inside the app; mobile-optimized keeps the questionnaire on the internet.


Get a sense of whether the mobile provider wants you to change your own processes and procedures, such as survey design. And get a clear understanding and strong assurances about the consultative help you can expect along the way. Experience counts, so determine how much experience the provider and its staff have with mobile research processes.


 – Does the vendor advise or require you to sacrifice some sophistication to carry out mobile research? The principle to remember is that panelists can readily handle longer, more sophisticated mobile surveys – but only if the display has perfect clarity and the respondent can move through it with intuitive ease. Mobile consumers demand excellent experiences on their phones, and will reward excellent survey functionality with strong engagement, However, they'll punish poor functionality by disengaging, perhaps permanently.


The fun part in talking about mobile lies in getting to know the specific tools –GeoLocation for real-time, in-store or after-visit surveys, harnessing smartphones’ video and photo capabilities for real-time insights and ironclad validation, and a great deal more. To have that conversation, just get in touch by clicking here.




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