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Here's How To Make Your Social Media Ads Emotional Grabbers

Posted by admin on Nov 7, 2017 9:22:31 AM


Products that help sick people feel better give drug companies a direct route to forging emotional bonds with consumers. However, there’s a sense among some marketers that traditional messaging along the lines of “it makes you feel better and does it faster and more reliably” is no longer enough.


The journal MM&M (Medical Media & Marketing) reports that it’s no longer enough to “simply [inform] viewers about a drug, [and the] condition or disease it treated...Now, the approach to pharma marketing is becoming much more conversational."


What’s needed are “campaigns that link to emotional truths about the human condition,” Matt Connor, executive creative director at Wunderman Health, told MM&M Online. “Brands struggle with it. They are accustomed to talking about the benefits.….The challenge is to find a storyline...that truly supports the brand.”


Marketing capable of connecting consumers with "emotional truths about the human condition" is a brilliant asset for any brand. And helping brands hone their emotional messaging is the purpose for which mobile Social Ad Testing was designed. Here's how it works:


Target a relevant audience of mobile consumers drawn from a proprietary, nationally representative panel, and place test ads directly in their actual personal news feeds.


Instead of being placed in a simulation of a personal feed, the test ad is injected into the authentic, real world environment in which it will function once the campaign begins.


Now that it's inside the natural news feed, your ad will vie for attention with social posts by recipients' family and friends, along with everything else in the constant social flow.


Start  gathering metrics on observed ad engagement such as clicks, likes and enabling video sound.


Then test the ad's emotional impact by surveying test recipients with unaided and aided recall questions, to understand their in-the-moment thoughts and feelings about the concept and creative elements in detail.


If your ad tests well, you're ready to proceed confidently with the campaign, knowing that the emotional connection is there. And if you learn that the ad isn't working as you'd like, you'll have clarity and insight into what needs improvement. For a productive conversation about understanding mobile consumers’ emotions (including connecting with them not just on social media, but at the Point of Emotion® inside a physical venue or right after they've left), just get in touch by clicking here.

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