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Here’s How To Get Inside Procrastinating Holiday Shoppers’ Heads

Posted by admin on Dec 20, 2017 10:09:32 AM


Q: What’s the world’s most inviolable deadline?

A: December 25, local family wakeup time.


And according to the National Retail Federation, more than half of U.S. Christmas shoppers will be frantically trying to meet it in the next few days. Among the findings:


As of Dec. 12, with 12 shopping days left, only 12% of respondents said they’d finished their holiday shopping.


Among respondents who hadn’t completed their shopping before Dec. 12, 51% expected they’d still be at it during the last five shopping days before Christmas.


Of the shoppers who still had gifts to buy, 51% said they’d be shopping online, 41% were headed to department stores, 26% were looking to discount stores and 21% to clothing and accessories stores.


Among those who already had made all or some of their gift purchases, the most popular categories were clothing and accessories (54%), toys (39%), gift cards (39%), books, movies and other media (35%), consumer electronics and computer accessories (25%), food or candy (25%) and experiences, such as tickets to an event or admission to a spa or a class (23%).


More than a fifth of consumers said they wouldn’t complete their shopping until the last two days before Christmas – with 16% looking to get the job done by Saturday, Dec. 23, and 6% on Christmas Eve.


And 5% said they’d simply blow the big deadline and give belatedly.


Emotion plays a role in any purchase decision, and for hundreds of millions of U.S. consumers, the feelings peak with their holiday gift decisions. The best way to understand what’s feeding those emotions, and how they translate into purchasing decisions, is to talk to shoppers all along the path to purchase – but especially in the moments when their choices are made, or are freshest in mind. Researchers in the Smartphone Era are able to home in on that Point of Emotion®  by harnessing advanced mobile geolocation technology that tracks shoppers into a store, where they’ll receive push notifications to take a survey while they’re still shopping, or to take an after-visit survey within a day or two after they’ve left. Expect same-day response rates of 50%, thanks to the particular engagement that a smooth-functioning mobile interchange commands. For a productive conversation about how advanced, mobile-app research can meet your projects’ specific needs, just get in touch by clicking here.

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