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Google Says Smartphones Are Driving Back-to-School Shopping

Posted by admin on Aug 24, 2016 6:00:22 AM

Back to School


The path to purchase increasingly begins on a smartphone. Shouldn’t the path to consumer insights start there as well?

Fresh evidence about the smartphone’s rising importance to shoppers comes from Google, which recently analyzed searches related to back-to-school shopping. As reported by MediaPost’s SearchMarketing Daily, Google found that shoppers carried out 60% of those searches on mobile devices during July – up 35% from July, 2015.

What’s more, 85% of views for back-to-school shopping videos posted by retailers such as Target took place on mobile devices.

At stake: $75.8 billion in expected back-to-school buying.

Let’s briefly follow the logical path this suggests for market research.

  1. Market research is concerned with discovering what consumers think, feel and do.
  1. Therefore it behooves research professionals to approach consumers where they most frequently do this thinking, feeling and doing.
  1. Consumers increasingly are doing their primary thinking, feeling and doing while looking at their smartphone screens.
  1. Therefore – well, the conclusion is inescapable, don’t you think?

The only question remaining is how best to accomplish mobile research.

What’s crucial to know is that it is not a commodity. One mobile approach is not as good as the next. So researchers need to do some shopping of their own.

Take a hint from those millions of back-to-school shoppers. Google “mobile research.” Skip the paid, “sponsored” links at the top, look at the natural search results, and see what you find.



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