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Going to MRMW? MFour Will Keep You Busy Doing What You Do Best

Posted by admin on Jul 15, 2016 8:00:39 AM

MFour is bringing the very essence of market research to the MRMW conference in Fort Worth on Monday and Tuesday – the essence of market research being, well, doing market research.

Andrew FangAndreas HoeltingOur two-man delegation of Andrew Fang, Vice President of Sales, (far left) and Andreas Hoelting, Product Manager of MFourDIY, will give a different kind of interactive presentation in a conference workshop Tuesday from 9 a.m. to 10:30 a.m.

Their presentation on MFourDIY will focus on learning by doing as attendees get the full story about the nation’s only all-mobile, do-it-yourself survey-building tool.

The core topic is “Creating A Location-Based Survey in Under 30 Minutes.” After showing you how to use the advanced Geo-location feature that allows you to field surveys to consumers while they’re shopping or just after they’ve left a store, Andreas will help you go to work – using the platform you’ve just seen described to field an actual survey of your own.

“We’ll tell them how we run surveys that get 1,000 completes in a day, and how we can repeat that with any retailer,” Andreas said. “Then I’ll lead them through creating their very own survey. They can program it however they want, then field the survey and  watch the data come in in real time." 

The only investment conferees need to make to get an actual research project done is the 90 minutes they’ll spend in the workshop. They’ll open their MFourDIY account, which is always free, not just to conference-goers, but to all visitors to the DIY website.

"People will go through the session, and the takeaway will be that `in one sitting I now have the most powerful survey tool in my hand," Andrew said. 

Apart from the workshop, Andrew and Andreas will be manning MFour’s exhibit throughout the conference on Monday and Tuesday. The concept at our booth is also interactive. “We’ll have two computers set up for visitors to play around with the DIY tool and see how easy it is to build a survey,” Andreas said.

Andrew and Andreas will be happy to go deeper with you at the conference by setting up a demo of DIY and MFour’s other all-mobile research capabilities.

So check us out -- not just to chat, but to do what you do best.



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