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Posted by admin on Oct 16, 2017 9:27:31 AM

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Consumer research professionals attending the Insights Association’s Corporate Researchers Conference (CRC) this week in Chicago will have an opportunity to hear two scheduled presentations about mobile research. But to get the full picture on mobile, carve out a few minutes to stop by MFour’s booth.


Mike Gaffney (Chief Revenue Officer), Todd Costello (Senior Solutions Executive), Andreas Hoelting and Pat Brassil (Solutions Executives) will share information attendees almost certainly won’t get anywhere else. For instance:

  • There’s no such thing as a one-size-fits-all mobile research technology and methodology.
  • As you explore mobile, it’s important to understand and distinguish between the two major approaches.

One of them, “mobile-optimized” or “mobile compatible” surveys, will be the subject of one of the formal presentations at CRC. The description of the talk, entitled “The World Is Going Mobile: Is Your Brand?” reflects the common belief that smartphones are just another conduit for traditional online surveys. At MFour's booth, you'll hear a different message, about how smartphones are upending market research just as they've upended every other aspect of daily life -- and how harnessing best-practices mobile native research built around a smartphone app will give you data and insights opportunities you've never had before. 


The "World Is Going Mobile" talk promises to cover how “mobile-compatible surveys have improved feasibility, higher data quality and [reach] more diverse respondent audiences. So why are only one in five surveys 100% mobile compatible? There remains, shockingly, a great deal of improvement and transition to be done…”


 “Mobile compatible” surveys, however, ultimately only shoehorn traditional, pre-Smartphone Era online surveys onto smaller mobile screens. In all other ways, they remain tethered to last-generation technologies – notifications via email, which are easily ignored, and maintaining a connection to the internet to take the survey, with the risk that respondents will become frustrated if the load time is more than a few seconds, and will drop the survey entirely if it remains slow or the connection vanishes. 


At the MFour booth you can have the rest of the conversation, an all-angles look at mobile, including clarification and differentiation between the “mobile compatible” and mobile app methodologies.

  • Learn that when you talk about consumers’ mobile behavior, you’re really talking about their mobile app behavior – the key proof point being Flurry Analytics’ finding that 92% of time U.S. adults spend on mobile is spent using apps rather than browsers.
  • See why it matters crucially that mobile app research takes the survey process offline by loading questionnaires instantly into respondents’ phones. Now you’re meeting mobile consumers in the app zone that’s their sweet spot -- where they really want to be.

Todd wants to have a conversation that includes a little business philosophy about “the necessity of evolving and finding your way to successful transformation. If you’re open to moving forward, we can help by sharing ways to the most efficient and non-intrusive solutions for connecting with mobile consumers.”


One theme you can explore with the MFour team is how mobile-app research amplifies the voice of the consumer – because smartphones and mobile apps are literally the mouthpieces and earpieces we use today to receive and transmit information, opinions and emotions.


Stop by, and you’ll see how mobile multimedia capabilities amplify and deepen what survey respondents can tell you. Through photo capture they can show you exactly what they see in real time as they stroll the store aisles. Ask panelists to make video selfies, and you’ll see and hear them telling you in their own words what they feel about your brands and products, and their shopping experiences.


You’ll also get a quick education about mobile-app geolocation studies – how they bring you the consumer’s voice at just the right time and place, giving you ironclad validation of your respondents’ locations and getting their answers before their recall can decay. It’s the Smartphone Era’s advanced technological answer to traditional in-store, in-person shop-alongs and face-to-face exit interviews conducted with clipboards and pens.


As for those who aren’t going to CRC, you can join us for a productive, one-on-one conversation about mobile app research, whenever it’s convenient. Just get in touch by clicking here.





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