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Get Polling Solutions for a Crazy Election Year

Posted by admin on Aug 4, 2016 10:56:02 AM



Chances are that electoral politics will revert to past norms after this crazy cycle, but the same can’t be said for political polling, whose norms have long been blown to pieces.


Remember H. Ross Perot, who ran for president against the first Clinton and the first Bush back in 1992? He memorably said that you could hear “a giant sucking sound” as U.S. jobs vanished overseas.


The giant sucking sound in today’s politics is the sound of dollars vanishing down a telephonic vortex, as pollsters use antiquated dialing methods in expensively futile attempts to reach Millennials, Hispanics, and other mobile-centric voting demographics.


MFour can help plug the gap. Pollsters and politicos can get the reads they need on voters who only use smartphones by using our voter-match capability. It connects them with proven voters among our million-member all-mobile panel, including otherwise hard-to-reach Millennials, Hispanics and African Americans. Voter matching is demographically representative through the 50 states. 


Besides filling poll quotas, our voter-matched panelists generate speedy responses because they are uniquely engaged with survey-taking. They've all downloaded MFour’s smooth-functioning Surveys on the Go® mobile app, and are eager and quick to respond. Pollsters can connect with them to fill their missing cell phone quotas fast, and at a sane cost.


They'll silence that giant sucking sound they hear when smartphone-using voters vanish from their radar. 


MFour Senior Solutions Executive Alex Colao can tell interested readers more. Message him at

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