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Failing to Reach African Americans is Not an Option

Posted by admin on Jan 16, 2017 9:48:38 AM




With the annual February celebration of Black History Month on the horizon, the U.S. Census Bureau is highlighting insights about the African American population that underscore how important these citizens are to the nation’s consumer economy. The figures are from mid-2015.

  • The African American population of 46.3 million was up 1.3% from the year before.
  • African Americans represent 13.3% of the population now, a figure that’s expected to rise to 17.9% by 2060.
  • 84.7% of African Americans ages 25 or older are high school graduates, 53% had attended college, and 20.2% had earned a Bachelor’s degree or higher.

The role of African Americans in every aspect of the nation’s economy is a huge part of today’s conversation about America and its future. Census Bureau figures reflect a particular need for the mechanisms that drive the economy to kick in more strongly among African Americans, who continue to trail national averages in median income, entrepreneurship, and education beyond high school.


Because African Americans are writing such a vital chapter in America’s story, businesses of all sorts need the deep consumer insights that can be had only by talking to them directly. Are your research tools and survey panels up to that challenge? Can you find the African Americans you need to talk to without resorting to flawed panel-recruiting measures that are not only costly and time-consuming, but will also distort your data? If your research panel doesn’t include naturally representative numbers of African Americans, your ability to understand them as consumers is in jeopardy. And that goes for every other group that is playing a big role in shaping the U.S. consumer economy in the 21st century – notably Hispanics, Millennials, and parents of young children.


The Census Bureau makes us aware of the broad demographic landscape, but market insights require a granular understanding of consumer characteristics. And that, in turn, depends on using the right survey technology and reaching the right respondents. MFourDIY™  – the nation’s only all-mobile survey-building platform – gives you the technology and the naturally representative panel you need, including more than 140,000 African Americans out of more than one million active members. Please click here for clear, detailed, and transparent information that will let you draw your own conclusions about how to proceed in an age of dynamic change and unprecedented consumer diversity.


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