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Facebook is All-In With Mobile. So Why Not MR?

Posted by admin on Oct 6, 2016 5:32:31 PM



The biggest names in business continue to place ever-bigger bets in the mobile realm.


Facebook, already a colossus of mobile reach and mobile revenue, aims to become even more colossal by introducing Marketplace, a newly-announced free mobile-shopping tool that will play matchmaker between buyers and sellers. It’s a leap into the secondary market in which Facebook becomes a space where shoppers and sellers can meet, negotiate prices, and solidify delivery plans – all inside its mobile app.


With $9.5 billion in mobile advertising revenue during the first half of 2016 (that’s 83% of its overall advertising income), Facebook can afford to create this new mobile Marketplace without charging sellers an entry fee. It’s likely to compete with Amazon Marketplace and eBay, which do take a cut of sellers' revenue, and Craigslist.


As with all big developments in the mobile realm – and they’re happening almost every day – there are important implications for market research. Clinging to online panels when consumers are all but living on their smartphones and turning to mobile apps looks increasingly like a dead end strategy. Mobile adoption is now all but universal, and the appeal of online research tools such as email and personal computers  is waning, especially among consumers under 40.


But change comes hard, and we know there's some hesitation to dive into mobile, even with the likes of Facebook telling you the water's fine.



With that in mind, here are three ideas to consider:


  • If you’re clinging to online panel and still hesitant to try mobile, consider this thought piece that Michael Smith, MFour’s Chief Product Officer and Director of Panel, contributed to GreenBook.
  • If you’re worried that going mobile will invalidate past online data that you value, you can reconcile, integrate and calibrate the historic online data with new mobile data, assuring a smooth transition to the new reality. No need to worry about a sudden jolt rupturing your research's continuity.                    
  • If you’re ready for mobile but want to know more about the best practices and approaches – and are worried about whether mobile comes with certain limitations such as short surveys (they don’t, at least not in state-of-the-art mobile methods), this article by MFour founder and CEO Chris St. Hilaire will tell you what to look for.


If you don't have Facebook-style billions to bet on mobile, consider MFourDIY™, the first all-mobile, do-it-yourself survey-building platform, as a cost-effective way to kick the tires on mobile research, then take it for a first spin. Like many others who are taking that route, we think you'll enjoy the ride. 

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