Expert Calls for a Sea Change in Research on TV Viewership

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Today’s splintered TV viewing landscape demands a new research approach.


It sounds like something we’d say ourselves, but in this case it’s the theme of a very cogent commentary at by media consultant Steve Sternberg.


He poses important questions that programmers and advertisers need answered, but that are beyond the reach of customary data-gathering methods in the TV/Entertainment sphere.


Writes Sternberg: “Methods of drawing samples might need to be revisited, not to mention ways to evaluate media usage even among standard demographic age groups. Consumers whose media usage was once relatively similar if they were in the same few demographic categories may no longer be as cohesive as we think. Large groups of broadly similar consumers now get their video content in substantially different ways.”


Sternberg poses a series of questions about how viewer characteristics and habits might vary across the many ways people now access programming, but says that for now the answers remain a matter of guesswork: 


“We can speculate on these things, but this is where research needs to go now,” he writes. “Change is happening too quickly, and research needs to turn on a dime.”


“TV might be everywhere,” Sternberg concludes, “but really good research is still nowhere near where it needs to be.”


To us at MFour, Sternberg’s article reads like a request for proposals.


Our value proposition is this: By applying advanced, all-mobile survey methodology, along with years of experience with numerous projects for entertainment clients, we can get the answers and insights Sternberg and many others crave.


Our fans include Derek Turk, Vice President of Ratings & Research for Lions Gate Entertainment, who has raved about MFourDIY™, the market research industry’s first and only all-mobile, do-it-yourself survey platform. “Easy to program and field,” Turk says.


For a deeper look into what MFourDIY™ (or our custom-built research solutions) can do in the advertising/entertainment realm, check out our recent report, “1,000-Millennial Study Explores Entertainment Consumption,” part of our ongoing Millennial Insights Project. You’ll see  that we can segment respondents by their individual viewing habits – enabling researchers to do a deep dive into the very questions Sternberg says are begging to be answered.


And please feel free to click above-right on "contact" to set up a demonstration.


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