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2 Hints for Avoiding Getting Ripped Off on Your Research

Posted by admin on Sep 1, 2016 6:00:37 AM

Empty pockets


What’s more annoying than having to pay for stuff you don’t want and don’t need?

  • Cable channels you don’t watch
  • Ticket “convenience charges” that have nothing to do with convenience
  • MR interviews that terminate but still cost you money
  • Suspect data from unreliable respondents

MFour can’t help you with the cable company or the ticket sellers, but it’s our business to make sure you get full value for your research dollar – and that a research rip-off never happens.

  • We don’t charge for terminated interviews. When you say you need 200 successfully completed, quality interviews, we make sure that’s exactly what you get.
  • You come to us for clean data, and clean data is all you pay for. We examine every interview, toss out the bad, and only charge for answers that generate insights.

At MFour, the job isn’t just building better research. It’s building up an industry by setting a better standard.



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