Don't Let Millennials Block You Out. Reach 'Em with a Great Mobile Research Experience

Posted by admin on Feb 28, 2017 12:42:59 PM




A new report by eMarketer says that mobile users are more than twice as likely to block advertisements on personal computers than on smartphones. It’s perhaps the ultimate testament to mobile dominance, and to the public’s eagerness for all kinds of experiences on their phones. If ads are welcome on mobile, what isn’t?


The eMarketer study of Americans’ ad-blocking behavior showed that 20.1% of pc users employ ad blockers, compared to just 7.9% of smartphone users. While Millennials are particularly intolerant of advertising on personal computers, far more are willing to accept it on their phones. eMarketer estimates that 41.1% of Millennials use ad blockers – but that the great majority of the blockers are deployed on personal computers rather than on smartphones.


It’s one more reason that market research, too, must be devoted to providing a rich smartphone experience. Why? Engagement is why. You have to give the people what they want – and they want good smartphone experiences. Mobile surveys can be among the most rewarding and engaging experiences for smartphone users, but that hinges entirely on knowing how to provide a satisfying experience. All mobile is not created equal, and only the most advanced, true-mobile research solutions will give you the panel engagement that's needed to drive fast and accurate insights.


A great way to get started is to try MFourDIY™ – the nation’s only do-it-yourself mobile research tool. It's your secret weapon for capturing vivid consumer insights. And we’ve made it simple for you to use. To learn more, please contact – and you’ll be on your way to delivering the type of mobile experience that panelists love.

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