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Declare Independence from Online Panels

Posted by admin on Jul 5, 2017 10:31:01 AM



Blog Declaration 5Jul17


It took 1,458 words for the Founding Fathers to declare independence on July 4, 1776. Revolutionizing market research isn’t quite as complicated as launching a new democracy, so here’s a declaration in 70 words:


We hold these truths to be self-evident:

  • All Businesses Have a Fundamental Right to Quality Data
  • Panel and Data Are One
  • Panel Quality Is Data Quality
  • Bad Panels Mean Bad Data
  • Bad Data Drive Mistaken Analysis
  • Mistaken Analysis Drives Wrong Conclusions
  • Wrong Conclusions Drive Clients to Wrong Decisions
  • Wrong Decisions Are Extremely Bad for Business
  • Quality, In-App Mobile Panel, Data & Insights Are Here, and They’re Yours By Right

King George III would have torn up this declaration and fought to save online research and the status quo. Innovative thinkers like Thomas Jefferson and Benjamin Franklin would have signed our declaration in an instant. And then they would have gone to battle for it.


How about you? You've grilled your burgers, you've flown your Stars and Stripes, and you've thrilled to the cherry bombs bursting in air. Now you're back at work, and it's time to revolutionize what you can accomplish. Insist that your panel providers back up their product with full, transparent details about how they're sourcing your data. Demand that they tell you the specific measures they're taking to fight survey bots, double-dipping and other forms of panel fraud. And remember: when it comes to consumer panels, paying for anything less than validated quality amounts to taxation without representation. Our founders refused to take that lying down. How about you?


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