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Cut Through the Fog: Mobile Ad Metrics & Measurement on Demand

Posted by admin on Feb 14, 2017 10:55:50 AM




Like all other business activities, advertising is moving headlong into the mobile realm for a very good reason: it's where you’ll find consumers -- glued to their smartphones. But change is coming so fast that brands lack reliable measures of how well their mobile ads are doing in raising awareness and driving sales. Now MFour is introducing a solution: Mobile Ad Metrics OnDemand – a method that lets researchers see within a matter of hours how well brands’ mobile ads are working.


Here’s how it works: Each ad received on a smartphone generates a unique ID number. Advertisers give us the IDs, then we match them against more than one million consumers on the nation’s largest all-mobile research panel. Mobile Ad Metrics OnDemand lifts the fog and provides previously hidden key indicators for ad performance. Solutions include:

  • Verified basic & advanced demographics
  • Mobile & in-app measurement
  • Individual ad metrics or full-campaign options
  • Same-day data delivery

Like all MFour clients, advertisers will get to know their audience by more than 200 demographic points: age, gender, ethnicity, income, region, marital status – even by whether they drive a pickup truck, an SUV, or a sedan. The panelist profiles will be that precise.


And be assured, our panel is America. The nation’s largest, most demographically representative panel precisely mirrors the mobile audiences you want to understand, including hard-to-reach Millennials, Hispanics, and African Americans.


With demographics in hand, you can survey your audience to measure preferences for brands and products – and now you can finally see how mobile ads influence those preferences.


To find out more about Mobile Ad Metrics OnDemand and all other MFour products, just e-mail us at or call 714-754-1234.

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