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Cubs vs. Indians was Dramatically Great. Now comes Google Home vs. Amazon Echo 

Posted by admin on Nov 7, 2016 9:30:56 AM



It already has carved its place among the legendary moments in American sports history: last week’s epic World Series Game 7 was saturated with drama as the Chicago Cubs overcame not only the Cleveland Indians, but 108 years of bad breaks and ineptitude to emerge as Major League Baseball’s champ for the first time since 1908.


Drama junkies now can turn from home runs to home technology as Amazon and Google square off to see who’ll be the champ in an intensifying competition to see whose smart speaker is smarter. Can Google Home, which debuted over the weekend, outscore Amazon’s Echo?


The New York Times did an interesting comparative evaluation to see who has the early advantage as the two technology titans position their smart devices on the playing field of innovation. Writer Brian Chin’s first take on the action suggests that this one could be a close, dramatic contest that will likely keep software engineers and marketers on both sides working into extra innings.


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