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Consumers Aren’t Zombies. Let Mobile Ad Measurement Bring ‘Em to Life

Posted by admin on Feb 6, 2017 10:43:36 AM


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The key challenges facing advertising and marketing professionals these days bring to mind a hit song by the Temptations – “Ball of Confusion.”


The nonprofit Advertising Research Foundation’s research priorities for 2017 include trying to cut through some of that confusion with a study called “Creating Effective Mobile Advertising: Maximizing the Ad Experience.” The study is needed, the ARF says, because “little is known about cognitive and emotional reactions to different ad experiences on mobile and the creative…elements that drive success.”


At its most recent conference on Audience Measurement, ARF chief executive Gayle Fuguitt tried to frame the questions the industry faces on advertising strategy and ad measurement.


“Do you know where your audience is? Consumers are…talking to us every day. Guess what they are saying about our advertising?....`Meet me on my terms. Understand my values. Understand who I am. Care about me…..We need to understand and serve [advertising] up to them the way they want it.’”


Another important voice in this conversation is the Media Rating Council, which sets and enforces standards in ad-measurement. It, too, wants advertisers to focus on the human factor amid the temptations of delving obsessively into Big Data. Digital footprints consumers leave don’t tell the whole story.


 “First, the measurement should be of people, not of hardware or devices, nor of applications  or browsers,” the Rating Council affirms. “While these…may sometimes  serve as proxies for human beings in measurement methodologies, they cannot simply be assumed to represent people without convincing evidence that they do indeed serve as a means by which  the actions of human beings can be measured.”


Testing and measuring ads is an incredibly high-stakes undertaking:

  • According to Fuguitt, the ARF chief executive, more effective advertising could spare brands from spending $31 billion a year on discounting their products.
  • An additional $22 billion is lost to ad-blocking by consumers who are turned off by a glut of uninteresting or irrelevant digital advertising.
  • To put this money back in brands’ pockets, Fuguitt says, “creative is more important than counting. How do we make consumers’ hearts beat faster? Where are the emotional connections that will help build brands?”

So how can you put the human factor into measuring how your ads are driving awareness and leading consumers through the purchasing funnel? The most illuminating conversations will happen on their smartphones. True-mobile research lets you speak to today’s consumers in the flesh, using pictures, audio, and video. And you can ask them to respond in their own words – by making a video selfie that brings you data and insights straight from the hearts and minds of engaged human beings. You’ll know whether your ads are making the emotional connections your brand depends on. When location matters – particularly in out-of-home advertising – smartphones’ GPS geolocation capability lets you reach exposed consumers right after they’ve passed by a billboard or indoor signage.


These are the 21st century solutions to your 21st century ad-measurement uncertainties. An ideal way to start exploring is with MFourDIY™ – the only all mobile, do-it-yourself survey-building platform. You’ll harness sophisticated smartphone media capabilities and get the qualitative advertising insights you need in the simplest, most cost-effective yet sophisticated way. To learn more, just contact Alex at

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