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Can You Deliver a 5-Star Brand Experience?

Posted by admin on Nov 16, 2016 3:01:47 PM




It’s vital for any brand or company to make 5-star service its top priority. Sam Walton, who founded Walmart and Sam’s Club, put it best: “The goal…is to have customer service that is not just the best, but legendary.” It’s with that in mind that we’re on a mission to make sure our clients succeed with their research studies while giving them service that aims for Sam Walton’s ideal. But those successes depend on our other million-plus customers—the active panelists who use the all-mobile Surveys on the Go® app. Their satisfaction has to be 5-star because they’re the people who are providing answers and insights for our clients.


Being all about above-and-beyond service means giving our panelists a fun, seamless survey experience on their smartphones. It’s the only way to earn their honest engagement – without which all would be lost. That’s why we’re happy when they share their satisfaction with the rest of the world. In fact, we get 5-star ratings on our app daily. Every person and every comment matters, including these much-appreciated thoughts from this morning:


Fun App I'm in love


“Getting paid for your opinion in a survey all adds up.”

by Stefanie Richardson on 11/16/2016




“It really works. Very convient. And they actually pay you!”

by Aurianna Duran on 11/16/2016




“I love this application because it's easy to use and I love completing surveys. You also get financial benefits from doing them.”

by Cassandra Johnson on 11/16/2016


Free money is fun!


“Not hard, makes you money, surveys help make companies better, win-win all around!”

by Andrew Chinn on 11/16/2016




"Yay! Just made extra money for my once a week Starbucks mommies get together."

by Geekmonkies on 11/16/2016


Keep it simple and keep your focus. As Sam put it, the goal is “not just the best, but legendary.” We take that to heart. After all, we love 5-star ratings.


You can click here and here to see more on how panel members respond to our commitment to 5-star service.

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