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Are Smartphone Screens Too Small for Market Research?

Posted by admin on Apr 3, 2017 9:51:16 AM




By now you’ve seen the statistics that show you’re living on a smartphone-saturated planet. And since you’re a market research professional, you’re putting some serious thought into what that portends for your livelihood. Is mobile data good data? Is it consistently reliable? Does it measure up to the online survey data you’ve built your career on? These are fair questions that deserve clear answers. In that spirit, here’s the first of several communications aimed at unraveling myths that have grown up around mobile. So is the screen too small?


It is small – no denying that. But what are you going to believe – the myth or your own hands and eyes? Chances are that you are among the 78% of adult Americans who now own a smartphone. You’re relying on it to avoid traffic on your daily commute. You’re depending on it to send important text messages. You’re using it to pick the best movie to take your kids to on Saturday—and you’ll use it to capture the beaming looks on their faces as they walk out of the theater floating on a magic carpet of delight. Then you’ll use it to send the pictures to their grandparents.


But take a survey? Maybe even a viewer-evaluation survey about that wonderful family film, sent to you by a researcher who GeoLocated you at the moment you’ve left the theater? Nah. The screen’s too small. If you believe that, then you’re admitting that we all have lyin’ eyes, because our eyes are on our smartphone screens. The myth that desktops and laptops are superior for research is a myth spun by sellers of last-generation online surveys and online panels. But what do your eyes tell you? And what do survey-taking consumers’ eyes tell them?


It’s only fitting that the best empirical evidence you can bring to bear on the myth of screen size is to find people who take consumer surveys on mobile and ask them. They’re telling you loud and clear with unsolicited public ratings and comments about Surveys on the Go® -- MFour’s native mobile research app. Week after week, month after month, year after year, it has enjoyed ratings of more than 4 stars out of 5 at the App Store and Google Play. Look it up and you’ll see endless commentary about how easy it is to take surveys when the platform is a native app and the device is a smartphone. It’s not about size. It’s about the experience—and MFour makes that experience flawless so you can get big insights.  


Columbus gambled that the earth was not flat. When it comes to mobile research, the biggest gamble is to remain in your safe, familiar harbor – until you realize that the tides have changed and standing still is not safe at all. To learn how to cut through the myth of the small screen, just contact

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