App-lause, App-lause: We've Got 5 Stars in Apple's App Store

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For a batter, it’s going five for five.


For a golfer, it’s a hole in one.


For a bowler, it’s rolling 300.


For a movie, it’s an Oscars sweep.


And for a mobile app, it’s a five-star average rating in Apple’s App Store.


MFour is especially proud that the latest version of our Surveys on the Go® mobile market research app (officially, iOS App V2.13) sports a five-star average rating – based on hundreds of unsolicited ratings since it was introduced on Oct. 1.  


The average reflects just a tiny bit of rounding by Apple –the vast majority are five stars and all but a few are either 4’s or 5’s. Some of our most pleased panelists are just tough graders.


Below you’ll see some characteristic comments in full. But first you need to know why our five-star rating matters to you.


Market research is experiencing huge problems recruiting panelists – online surveys can’t find the right people and they can’t find them fast enough. The advanced mobile research that MFour pioneered when it introduced the first version of Surveys on the Go® in 2011 solves these problems with a harmonious marriage of technological innovation and a carefully cultivated, high-quality panel. 

  • We’re in the smartphone era, and there’s nothing that impresses a smartphone user more than an app experience that works perfectly and is fun and rewarding.
  • A smooth and engaging survey-taking experience such as our panelists enjoy is crucial to capturing reliable data.
  • Clients access the industry’s only all-mobile panel, now totaling more than one million active members.
  • The panel is growing by more than 2,000 daily, just by word-of-mouth recommendations such as those you’ll see below.
  • Surveys on the Go® has been the most downloaded market research survey app in the App Store each month for nearly three years.
  • And since everybody in the smartphone sphere likes it, everybody is present and accounted for, including Millennials, Hispanics, African Americans and parents of young children -- groups that researchers who remain committed to outdated online survey methods still consider hard to reach.
  • With advanced, app-based mobile research, all U.S. demographics are at researchers' disposal.                                                                                                                            


Enough explanation. The people have spoken, so let's hear them speak!






For the full story, click this link, then click on "View in iTunes" under the green "On Go"  logo.

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