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Alcohol Can Cause Memory Loss. So Can Waiting Too Long to Find Respondents.

Posted by admin on Mar 6, 2017 10:42:33 AM



We’ve all heard the saying, “it’s all in the timing” – and we all know it’s true. Whether it’s a golf swing, grilling a steak, or issuing a multi-billion dollar IPO, the key to a good outcome is taking the right action at the right time. It’s no less true for survey-based market research. What happens if you ask consumers the right question at the wrong time? What if you ask at absolutely the worst time – that is, after your respondents already have forgotten the experience you’re asking about? MFour decided to gather some data to quantify the cost of getting the timing wrong.


We’ll be sharing the results Tuesday on this blog and in our weekly Tuesday newsletter. For now, here’s one insight: a survey method that emphasized getting the timing right by using GeoLocation to find panelists while they were still shopping, followed by a survey notification just as they left the store, suffered 3.4% non-recall about what brand the respondent had bought. In a survey that skipped GeoLocation and relied solely on memory, 9.7% of respondents said they couldn’t remember the alcoholic beverage brand they’d bought.


To find out more about how survey timing affects consumer recall,  just come back tomorrow. Don’t forget!


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