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A Toast to Accurate Consumer Insights

Posted by admin on Dec 20, 2016 1:53:47 PM




In this season of conviviality and good spirits, the classic bartender’s query, “What’s your drink?” has special resonance for a major consumer product – alcoholic beverages. It’s a crucial question for brewers, vintners, and distillers everywhere, because it’s what consumers are asking themselves as they shop for potable gifts – or for drinks to pour at holiday gatherings. Each shopping stroll down the alcoholic beverage aisle is an opportunity that can’t be missed.


Right now, whiskey seems to be hot. Quoting International Wine and Spirits Review, MediaPost reports that sales of American whiskey have grown more than 40% over the past decade to about $3 billion, with another 20% growth spurt forecast in the coming five years. Why is this happening? Who’s doing the drinking? And what can bottlers of vodka, tequila, and gin do to tilt the answer to “What’s your drink?” more in their own favor?


The location feature on every consumer’s smartphone now makes it possible for researchers to sidle right up to the bar or the liquor store shelf and ask “What’s your drink?” – or any other question that will shine a light on what people think and feel when they’re in the market for alcohol.


With the MFourDIY™ platform, you can now send these beverage-seeking consumers in-location or after-visit surveys that catch them at the Point of Emotion® – the key moment when a purchasing decision is made. The same goes for any other product. You’ll locate natural shoppers at national or regional retail locations, then use their phones to sidle right up and ask about their brand preferences and shopping experiences when it matters most.


So how do you make it work for your product? It starts with GPS-enabled GeoValidation® to certify that a shopper is indeed inside a major store that carries the product in question. Next, you can question shoppers about your product or ask them to shoot video selfies in which you’ll see and hear them answer your questions in their own words. Respondents’ unmediated facial expressions and inflections of voice become part of your data set and help drive particularly revealing insights. Reliable data is crucial, but seeing and hearing makes the numbers come alive.


Give in-store and after-visit product studies a try and you’ll be lifting a toast to what you’ve accomplished. What’s your drink? Whatever your answer, it’ll taste better with a splash of sweet success.


To learn more about MFourDIY™ – the nation’s only true-mobile, do-it-yourself survey-building tool – visit or contact Alex at

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