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A Cyber Monday Question: Do Shoppers Resist 1-Day Limits?

Posted by admin on Nov 27, 2017 9:34:31 AM


Welcome back from your long weekend of feasting and earlyish shopping. Now, if you’re like many Americans, you’re considering whether to pounce on today’s Cyber Monday deals. But, since you’re an insights professional or a brand marketer, you also have your antenna up for information about how holiday shoppers are thinking and acting.


Nielsen’s VP for Consumer Insights, Jordan Rost, says his company’s research suggests that Cyber Monday shopping actually had its “peak day” last year (an estimate from Adobe put sales at $3.45 billion for 2016, up 12% from 2015). Going forward, Rost said, limiting the best prices to a single must-shop day "goes against what consumers are looking for" –  the freedom to shop when and where they choose, online or in-store, without sacrificing pricing advantages. 


That means holiday season retailers need to do it all, all the time – and not just online. Consumers, Rost tells us, also want to “get that store experience that complements what we’re able to buy online…throughout the rest of the holiday season.”


Now, with smartphones fundamental to shoppers’ journeys both online and in-store, researchers have unprecedented opportunities to reach them in-the-moment on their indispensable mobile devices.


Timeliness: Mobile GeoLocation studies let you intercept validated panelists as they enter and exit a store. You can interview them in the very act of shopping, or just after they’ve left the store.


Data Quality: Mobile data validation is ironclad, thanks to mobile devices’ location function and photo capability. Seeing is believing – just ask respondents to snap pictures of products, store shelves or purchase receipts, and you have your proof of their purchases and of their presence in the places relevant to your project.


Fast Action: Insights come fast enough to inform brands’ ability to take timely action on issues such as product placement and verifying compliance with display agreements. Retailers can identify issues shoppers are having, and make on-the-fly improvements to the shopping experience.


For a productive conversation about how mobile-app research can address your projects’ specific needs, whether for the holiday season or longer term, including  mobile integration into tracking studies, just get in touch by clicking here.

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