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9 Insights into Holiday Shopping

Posted by admin on Nov 23, 2016 12:52:28 PM




'Tis the season to be spending, and when shoppers are feeling comfort and joy about their economic circumstances, brands and retailers tend to benefit.  To this end, let’s look at a few interesting insights from the National Retail Federation on how this holiday shopping season is shaping up for retailers nationwide.

  • U.S. retail sales, including e-commerce and mail order, are expected to reach $655.8 billion for November and December, up 3.6% from 2015.
  • That would mark the 14th year of growth for holiday sales in the past 15 – the only exception being 2008, as the economy fell into a deep recession.
  • Despite certain predictions that brick and mortar stores are on the way out, 82.2% of expected 2016 holiday sales will take place in-store. But e-commerce is indeed coming on as the NRF expects combined online and mail order sales to make up 17.8% of holiday expenditures, with e-commerce growing 7% to 10% over 2015.
  • The retail sectors that are most dependent on holiday sales, based on 2015 results, are jewelry stores (27.4% of annual revenues are crammed into the two months); department stores (24.2%), sporting goods/hobby/books/music (23.2%); and discount department stores (23%).
  • Other categories doing 20% or more of their annual business during the two holiday months are electronics/appliance stores, clothing stores, and shoe stores.
  • e-commerce and mail orders are expected to reap 22.5% of their annual sales during November and December.
  •  As a benchmark, note that November and December account for only 16.3% of the year’s 362 shopping days – leaving out Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s Day.
  • The NRF found that the average shopper expects to spend $935.58 on holiday purchases this year – a 1.8% downtick from last year’s record  of $952.58. Where will those shopping dollars go?

Gifts: 62.94%

Non-gift purchases driven by holiday discounts: 14.96%                                  

Candy and food: 11.18%

Decorations: 5.85%

Greeting cards and postage: 2.93%

Flowers and potted plants: 2.18%

  • Those who buy gifts also receive them – and this year’s most preferred items are gift cards, favored by 61% of the NRF’s respondents; clothing/clothing accessories, 51%; and entertainment content (books, CDs, DVDs, videos and video games), 40%.

The story is not just in the numbers. Holiday shoppers aren’t simply looking to buy; they’re looking to buy for people they care about. This affords marketers and researchers a special opportunity to gain insights into consumers’ deepest emotions about brands, products, and the shopping experience. Research, in particular, can benefit by looking at the holidays not as a time to wind things down, but as an opportunity to gain insights when shoppers are most engaged in the shopping experience.


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