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8 Ways Mobile GeoLocation Connects You to Fresher, Faster Data

Posted by admin on Dec 5, 2017 9:11:38 AM



Judging the effectiveness of packaging is as much a staple of consumer research as breakfast cereal is in household pantries. And an ideal way to evaluate whether a cereal box or any other product’s packaging is grabbing shoppers’ eyes is to accompany them into the store and ask. In the past that required sending a researcher to stand at shoppers’ shoulders to observe and ask questions. Today it can be done by reaching shoppers on the smartphones they carry everywhere to answer questions while they’re right there in the cereal aisle – or any aisle relevant to a brand or a product. Here’s how:

  • Members of a proprietary consumer panel keep their phones’ location feature on so they can receive location-specific surveys they take with an advanced mobile research app.
  • You can talk to natural cereal shoppers who’ve been GeoLocated as they enter a store, with state-of-the-art accuracy powered by proprietary GeoIntensity® and GeoNotification® technologies.


  • Each GeoLocated panelist will get a push notification; those who respond and say that cereal is on their shopping list will qualify for the survey.

  • Ask away – and don’t forget to exploit smartphones’ multimedia capabilities to see the cereal aisle and its offerings through the shopper’s eyes, and hear what they think and feel in-the-moment by asking them to record video selfies.
  • GeoLocation also identifies when shoppers are leaving a store. You can hold off until then to push a survey to find and interview the natural buyers who are relevant to your study. 
  • Mobile-app survey response rates for after-visit questionnaires are typically 25% within an hour and 50% in a day or two. Asking about a fresh-in-mind experience counteracts memory bias and yields the most trustworthy data about behaviors, attitudes and emotions.
  • Photos of  products on shelves or of cash register receipts provide firm validation of respondents’ authenticity and their data’s accuracy.
  • Trace shoppers’ paths beyond the moment of purchase by fielding a follow-up survey. Ask validated buyers whether and why they enjoyed the product – or didn’t. And get insights into what makes them want to buy it again – or not.

For an in-depth conversation about how mobile-app surveys can address your specific projects’ requirements and get you the quality, validated data you need, just get in touch by clicking here.

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