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7 Mobile Insights into Holiday Shopper Behavior  

Posted by admin on Dec 2, 2016 10:37:12 AM



RetailMeNot, Inc. needs to know what shoppers want to buy, where they want to buy it, how much they want to spend, and what they think of their shopping experiences. That’s why it engaged MFour for an important study about deal-seeking consumers at 1,000 leading malls across the country during the five most crucial shopping days of the year – Thanksgiving to Cyber Monday.


RetailMeNot stands in the middle of the relationship between millions of shoppers and untold numbers of retailers and brands. Through its website and mobile app, RetailMeNot matches consumers with discount offers – and in 2015, the deals it relayed to consumers helped drive $4.8 billion in retail sales. So it has an extremely large stake in gathering accurate insights into holiday shopping.


Using its own internal capabilities, RetailMeNot was able to collect an impressive aggregate of statistical data, revealing that mobile users accounted for 77% of the Black Friday traffic on the RetailMeNot website and 61% of Cyber Monday traffic. But it also needed to get inside consumers’ heads – and so it turned to MFour.


We supplied the most advanced, true-mobile technology available – technology that first located consumers who, without prompting, had gone shopping at one of the malls in the study, and then sent them a survey invitation on their smartphones just as they left the mall.


The study’s other key component was the human factor. The size, engagement, and diversity of the all-mobile panel that uses MFour’s Surveys on the Go® app provided a sample that would be fully representative of the U.S. population. The panel’s million-plus active members make it easy to connect with traditionally hard-to-reach consumers such as Millennials, Hispanics, African Americans, and parents of young children who are particularly focused on their mobile devices.


Fielding lasted from Nov. 24 (Thanksgiving) to Nov. 28 (Cyber Monday). MFour delivered  topline data from the 1,500 completed and validated responses on Nov. 30. On the following day, Dec. 1, RetailMeNot publicly announced key insights it had gained into holiday shopping trends and shoppers’ deal-seeking behaviors. The insights include:

  • 82% of shoppers used a special promotion to make a purchase
  • 78% of shoppers searched in advance for deals before heading to the mall
  • 69% used an app to search for those bargains
  • Nearly 70% who shopped in-store during the five days also shopped online
  • 50% said that they’ll do most of their holiday shopping in stores rather than online
  • 10% said they’ll use smartphones for the majority of their holiday shopping
  • Users of the RetailMeNot discount app were most likely to have spent $101 to $250 over the five days, compared to less than $100 for users of other apps

One important takeaway, noted Marissa Tarleton, Chief Marketing Officer, North America, at RetailMeNot, is that consumers begin planning their holiday shopping well before Black Friday, and “the fact that retailers are following suit by optimizing deals…prior to Black Friday is a win for retailers and consumers alike.” It’s an example of consumer insights leading to smart business decisions.


To learn how MFour can put you in touch with today’s smartphone-centric consumers, just send a message to Alex at He’ll get you started on harnessing MFour’s true-mobile technology to help bring home the insights you need.

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