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A Smarter Approach to Out-of-Home Ad Measurement

Posted by admin on Dec 7, 2016 10:10:33 AM




Digital technology is revolutionizing the way advertisers and market researchers measure campaign effectiveness. But for out-of-home (OOH) ad measurements, data that accurately reflect consumer sentiment have been elusive. And that’s likely because there’s something important missing from today’s ad lift assessments: the human element in real time.


To get real answers you need to talk to real people. The good news is that advertisers and marketers can talk to them by harnessing smartphone GPS technology and true-mobile survey methodology. Talking to people who’ve actually passed in view of the billboards or other signage in your OOH campaign provides you with real insights. It’s a quantum leap from customary OOH measurements that are strictly a numbers game, substituting basic statistics such as traffic counts, average speeds, and viewing angles for what you really need: active opinions elicited from real people who’ve seen your signs.


The stats-only method is valuable, if you’re only looking to get a ballpark idea as to how many consumers are potentially exposed to your ads. But you won’t be able to ask the questions you really need answered, particularly those tricky and invaluable questions that can only be accurately assessed with qualitative responses. With $7.3 billion a year at stake – the amount advertisers spend on OOH campaigns according to the Outdoor Advertising Association of America – it’s imperative to get the reliable data that are only available from real consumers.


So how do you get feedback from the people your campaign is targeting? Using MFour’s all-mobile panel, you can:  

  • Create geofences around all the billboards or signs in your regional or national campaign
  • Access a panel of more than one million active members, all of whom have downloaded the Surveys on the Go® mobile app, to send the right questions to the right consumers at the right time
  • Locate panelists who fit within your demographic criteria and automatically send notifications to complete a survey once they cross a geofence
  • Get a response to learn what they’ve noticed and how it’s impacting them while the experience is fresh in memory

An advanced, true-mobile OOH study also gives you the context you need. MFour’s standard practice is to run control surveys that measure awareness and sentiment among consumers who haven’t been exposed to a campaign. That gives you the comparative data you need to know what kind of lift your campaign is actually producing.


To learn how MFour’s OOH measurement solutions can solve your specific needs, just send a message to Alex at



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