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3 Tips for Keeping Pace as Consumers Race to Mobile

Posted by admin on Nov 10, 2016 1:34:23 PM



Google knows a thing or two about searches – including which devices people use when they’re in consumer mode, searching for information about products they’re thinking of buying. Here’s some advice based on insights from MediaPost’s rundown on a recent Google report about who’s searching for what—and on which devices.

  1. Make sure your content displays perfectly on mobile, because “marketers can no longer count on consumers to make room in their busy lives for large screens.”
  1. Don’t hesitate to act, because campaigns and consumer studies that fail to emphasize mobile will fall through a big crack. Forty percent of the web-searching public is only using smartphones.
  1. Don’t assume that some product categories may be exceptions to this trend. Over the past year, mobile product searches have shot up 40% to 45% for a diverse array of consumer sectors, including home and garden, apparel, and consumer electronics.

The mobile era has arrived with dizzying speed, so it isn’t easy to comprehend its implications. But life on mobile is the new reality, and they who hesitate to adapt are lost. There’s some great advice for marketers and researchers embedded in the non-technical meaning of “mobile,” which is the capacity to be on the move. Get a move on and you’ll get where you need to go.

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