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2,246,714 Reasons Why Out-of-Home Ad-Measurement Matters

Posted by admin on Dec 5, 2016 12:50:40 PM




The conversation in advertising and marketing has turned inevitably to how to reach consumers on the mobile devices that define the smartphone era.


But let’s not forget the traditional meaning of “mobile” – as in anyone or anything that moves. Old-fashioned mobility remains indispensably important in the advertising and marketing sphere – where it has played a vital role ever since the Pharaohs of ancient Egypt put up Western Civilization’s first outdoor ads on obelisks to express their power, accomplishments, and initiatives to the populace. Some good ideas never go out of fashion, and what we now call out-of-home advertising won’t lose its appeal and effectiveness so long as human beings walk or ride through their world.


The Outdoor Advertising Association of America has quantified the extent of out-of-home advertising in today’s U.S.A.: 2,246,714 signs – not counting untold numbers of additional signs in places such as bus benches, leisure venues, restaurants, and bars. Here’s the breakdown:


◊ 1,250,000 Digital Video Screens

◊ 49,082 Bus Shelter Ads

◊ 512,040 Transit Ads  

                    40% Buses

                    35.4% Subway & Rail

                    13.4% Airports

                    9% Taxis

                       0.7% Digital

◊ 368,539 Billboards

                    2% Digital   

                    43% Large (672 Square Feet)

                    54% Poster-Size (72 to 303 Square Feet)

◊ 66,354 Alternative Ads

                    2% Arenas & Stadiums

                    46.2% Shopping Malls

                    51.8% Cinemas


The takeaway is that while nearly all eyes are on mobile devices these days, the same is true for out-of-home signage. When an advertising channel reaches seemingly everyone in your target market, it’s vital for you to understand and measure the extent to which consumers notice and respond to it.


MFour has out-of-the-box mobile research solutions that let you locate and reach exactly the consumers your out-of-home ads seek to capture – in the very moment they’re in a position to see your ad. You can get insights into how many people are noticing your OOH ads, and more importantly, how each person feels about your ads the moment they see it.


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