$20B's at Stake in Social Ads. Learn what To Do About It.

Posted by admin on Dec 18, 2017 8:59:10 AM


What makes an ad click with consumers on social media? The usefulness of $20 billion a year in U.S. ad spending depends on the answer -- and now there’s a reliable way to get it. A recent GreenBook webinar explored how a new technique called Social Ad Testing helps advertisers take the guesswork out of developing the right creative content and choosing the right platform for a campaign. The key is to do your testing in the actual personal news feeds of panelists who match the ad’s target audience. Not a simulation, but test occurring n the same ecosystem where the social campaign must succeed. 


If you didn’t attend the webinar, “Mobile Ad Testing On Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube Feeds,” no problem. It’s been archived on GreenBook’s website, and to watch and listen, just click here.

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